700 billion unconsumed cigarettes coming from industrial waste are incinerated each year causing a lot of pollution. 1 in 10 cigarettes that are made get destroyed. 

Equal to:


CO2 tonnes




Heating houseold (1 Year)

The fact that they do not get used is not a problem. The fact that the material within them gets wasted is a problem. 

But with our process

We can exploit the full potential of these cigarette filters by recycling them and turning them into new products without using virgin cellulose acetate.

Virgin material producer

To obtain 100 kg of virgin cellulose acetate they cut down a tree.

Those who use virgin material disperse CO2 through all cutting machinery and means of transport.

The emissions of bringing material into EU from Asia or America are significant. These are the places from where most cellulose acetate is exported.


To obtain 100 kg of cellulose acetate of the same quality, we recycle 600,000 cigarette filters.

We do not cut down trees and use very little machinery compared to virgin material producers.

More of our product is made in EU, specifically the material is made in Ireland, and the products in Italy.

Same quality, more sustainabilty!

Since being founded in 2021, over 70 million unused cigarettes that were set to be incinerated have been recycled by Rezero. The filters in these cigarettes, made from cellulose acetate, have been isolated and re-purposed to manufacture sustainable products.