Starting process

Rezero uses a world-first manufacturing process that isolates the filter of the cigarette and re-purposes the material for use in the creation of other products.

This process allow us to make:

1 - Fibre

We can provide 100% recycled fibre for various uses, such as making yarn for fabric

White wad of cellulose acetate fibre

2 - Granules

We can convert the fiber into granules to be utilized in hard plastic goods. The pellets can be used in injection molding products and can also be extruded into sheets on the basis of the client’s request.

Varous colorway of pellets granules

What you can do with our material

Cellulose acetate can be used as a semi-synthetic fiber, of natural origin.

Acetate is used for gauzes, tampons and many other medical devices.

With acetate you can make many types of clothing, both underwear and outerwear, such as lingerie or tracksuits.

Cellulose acetate is one of the most used materials for making eyeglass frames.

Our buttons are a rare combination of being premium and sustainable thanks to our recycled acetate.

Acetate is often used to make packaging for medicinal products/tablets and for screws and bulbs.